2012 Legislation Passed

Yesterday, the 2012 Colorado legislative session came to a close (and as of this newsletter awaiting the announcement of a special session).
As I reflect on the session, it has exceeded my expectations (as it is an election year). We were able to work across the aisle and do the work for the people of Colorado.
We delivered a balanced budget for our governor. We fought hard for education, energy, small business and on issues for the less fortunate.  Some bills passed, others did not. It has been my pleasure to serve you as State Representative of House District 7 in 2012, and I humbly ask for your support to continue serving you in 2013. WE MUST GET EVERYONE OUT TO VOTE to reclaim the House Majority in 2013.
Please take the time to review the legislation I worked on for you below. Enjoy your summer and I’ll be in touch…


Business and the Economy

SB 157 Telecommunications Modernization Act of 2012 (A. Williams, Murray, Scheffle, and Tochtrop):

                This bill modifies the regulation of telecommunications services by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) under the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). SB 157 would eliminate subsidies in areas of the state that have at least four alternative service offerings at a comparable price. Half of the savings from cutting subsidies will be used to reduce consumer phone surcharges. The current 2.9% phone surcharge is expected to drop to 2.4% in the first year of this bill being in effect, and will be eliminated by 2025. The other half of the savings from cutting subsidies will be invested into a broadband fund to promote broadband infrastructure development grants in un-served areas; the fund sunsets in 2025. In areas with 5 or more competitors, no one will receive subsidies and everyone will be subject to the same level of regulation. Existing regulation and oversight for emergency 911 services are completely untouched.

Status: Postponed Indefinitely in Senate Appropriations (5/4/2012)

HB 1012 Increase Agency Displacement Payment Cap (A. Williams and Guzman):

This bill changes the reimbursement to a business that is displaced by Department of Transportation project or a project that is overseen by the Department of Transportation from $10,000 to $50,000.

Status: Signed by the Governor (5/3/2012)

 HB 1134 Prohibit Job Discrimination Against Unemployed (Pabon, Casso, Court, Duran…A. Williams)

                This bill would have prohibited employers from advertising for any job vacancy that includes a requirement for applicants to be currently employed. Employers who violated the provisions would be subject to a penalty up to $1,000 for first violation, $5,000 for the second violation, and $10,000 for each subsequent violation.

Status: Postponed Indefinitely in House Economic and Development (2/21/2012)

 HB 1110 Regulation of Appraisal Management Companies (A. Williams and Carroll):

This bill redefined the legal meaning of Appraisal Management Companies (AMC) and establishes a licensure program for AMCs in the Division of Real Estate division in the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). This bill continues to make Appraisal Management Companies transparent and reliable to the consumer.

Status: Passed House and Senate (5/9/2012)

 HB 1221 Direct Billing for Anatomic Pathology Services (Liston and Tochtrop…A. Williams):

                This bill prohibits a licensed practitioner from billing anatomic pathology (blood work, biopsies, etc.) services unless the tests were conducted by the practitioner personally, under the practitioner’s direct supervision, or performed in a lab owned and operated by a groups practice.

Status: Signed By Governor (3/22/2012)


Government Efficiency

 SB 166 Synchronize Economic Development Reports and Require Annual Report (A. Williams, Priola, Giron, and Roberts):

                This bill requires the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) to annually submit a report to the General Assembly by November 1 of each year that describes the offices programs. The report must contain a review and summary of the activity, information, and data on all programs administered by the OEDIT during the prior year. In summary, this bill synchronizes all the programs under the OEDIT and requires the OEDIT to submit a report on one date, instead of multiple dates. This is an effective, elegant, and efficient bill that keeps the state organized and transparent.

Status: Passed House and Senate (5/8/2012)

 HB 1053 Victims’ Rights Changes (Gardner, Giron, and A. Williams)

                This bill changes victims’ rights after being involved in certain crimes.

Status: Passed House and Senate (3/27/2012)


Family and Civil Justice

 SB 147 Prohibit False Election Information made to Deter Voting (A. Williams and Aguilar):

                This bill would have made it a class 5 felony to prevent or dissuade a person from voting by knowingly making false statements in regards to election procedures 90 days before the election.

Status: Postponed Indefinitely in House Judiciary (3/20/2012)

 HB 1151 Human Trafficking and Prostitution (McCann and King):

                This bill tightened current Colorado laws that prohibits Human Trafficking or Prostitution.

Status: Signed by Speaker and President(5/3/2012)


 HB 1271 Juvenile Direct File Limitations (Nikkel, McCann, and A. Williams):

                This bill raises the minimum age for a juvenile to be directly filed as an adult to 16. District Attorney’s are no longer able to consider children 15 years and younger as adults, juveniles will be seen in front of a preliminary hearing, if the adult (direct) court does not find probable cause for the juvenile be tried as an adult, the case goes to the juvenile courts.

Status: Signed by the Governor (4/20/2012)



 SB 015 Creating Optional Category of Higher Education (Duran, A. Williams and Giron, Johnston):

                ASSET would have increased Colorado’s state revenue by up to $2.8 million in fiscal year 2012-2013 as well as, increase revenue up to $4.2 million in fiscal year 2012-2014. This bill created a new tuition bracket for undocumented students who had completed 3 years of high school in Colorado and who were on their way on becoming a United State’s citizen. This bill would have increased revenue in our education department.

Status: Postponed Indefinitely in House Finance (4/25/2012)

 HB 1013 Interventions for Middle School Students (Fields and Holbert) (A. Williams, co-sponsor):

                This bill requires that local school district boards of education consider adopting procedures to identify middle school students whose behavior makes them at-risk for dropping out.

Status: Signed by Governor (3/16/2012)

 HB 1147 Western Tiger Salamander State Amphibian (A. Williams and Foster):

                This bill names the Western Tiger Salamander the state amphibian. It was a wonderful experience to open the doors of the state capitol to teach our young people about how legislation is passed. Students from the Denver Public School system lobbied legislators and researched for the Western Tiger Salamander.

Status: Signed by Governor (3/16/2012)



HB 1237 Common Interest Community HOA Records and Copies (A. Williams and Harvey):

                This bill clarifies records that must be kept by Homeowner’s Associations to include minutes, receipts, emails of directors, and other affairs of common interest community under CCIOA. This bill is a stepping stone to a more transparent HOA system.

Status: Passed House and Senate (5/9/2012)

Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement:

                Without the use of legislation I was able to negotiate $5.6 million for mortgage foreclosure relief under the Attorney General’s $204.6 million in Foreclosure-Relief Funds under a multi state settlement. Out of the money being allocated to Colorado

Customers of five settling banks who lost their homes to foreclosure between Jan. 1, 2008 and Dec. 31, 2011 may be eligible for restitution under the settlement. The independent, third-party administrator of the settlement hopes to contact affected victims by the end of the summer.Customers of the five settling banks who are still in their homes but either behind on their payments or underwater should contact the banks directly through dedicated toll-free contact numbers to determine if they are eligible for assistance.

  • Bank of America – 1.877.488.7814
  • Chase – 1.866.372.6901
  • Citi – 1.866.272.4749
  • GMAC/Ally – 1.800.766.4622
  • Wells Fargo – 1.800.288.3212

The Office of the Attorney General will work with the Governor’s Office and the General Assembly to ensure that the $52.5 million Colorado directly receives under the settlement will be used for purposes including foreclosure prevention housing-counseling services, additional legal services for distressed homeowners, promotion of loan-modification opportunities and anti-blight efforts.


I encourage homeowners who believe they are facing foreclosure TO PICK UP THE PHONE and call 1.877.601.4673 or visit  www.coloradoforeclosurehotline.orgThe hotline works with homeowners in or facing foreclosure. Homeowners who call the free hotline can speak with a housing counselor about their options.



 HJR 1003 Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail I-70 (A. Williams and S. Williams):

                This resolution recognized the significant role African American’s have played in the United States military. Tuskegee Airmen consisted of not only pilots but also navigators, bombardiers, maintenance and support staff, instructors, and all personnel who kept planes in the air. This resolution creates I-70 trail from Kansas to the Utah Border.

Status: Passed out of House (1/23/2012), passed out of Senate (2/21/2012)

 HJR 1018 Celebrating Colorado Girls and Women in Sports and Fitness (House of Representatives):

                Recognizing the many positive impacts sports have on girls and women. This resolution recognizes the 40th anniversary of Title IX, which provides females with equal opportunities in athletics.

Status: Passed out of House and Senate (3/30/2012)

 SJR 015 Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary (Senators and House of Representatives):

                Recognizing and celebrating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, which began on March 12, 1912, when Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, a native of Savannah, Georgia, gathered 18 girls to provide them the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Status: Signed by Speaker and President (3/12/2012)


SJR 017 National Women’s History Month (Senators and House of Representatives):

                Recognizing women’s historical contributions to the United States, our country would not be here without the strength, bravery, insight, and persistence of the women who have come before us.

Status: Passed out of House and Senate (3/2/2012)

 SJR 022 Single Parents Awareness Day (A. Williams and Jahn):

                Recognizing single parents and the time, energy, and devotion it takes when raising their children in order to provide them with love, support, and guidance required to become responsible, productive, and successful adults. This is a great resolution that acknowledged the ability of a single parent to raise successful children.

Status: Passed in House and Senate (3/21/2012)

 SJR 032 Holocaust Awareness Week (Senators and Representatives):

                Recognizing prejudice, bigotry, racism, and hate have been the cause of conflict, war, and mass atrocities through history. Also, recognizing that it is imperative that we and future generations never forget the tragic lessons to be learned from the organized, government-sponsored mass killings of the Holocaust and that it is important to remember, honor, and emulate those who risked their lives to save thousands of innocent people during the Holocaust.

Status: Passed in House and Senate (4/19/2012)

 SJR 035 Equal Pay Day (House of Representatives and Senators):

                Recognizing that forty-nine years after the passage of “Equal Pay Act of 1963” and Title VII of the “Civil Rights Act,” women and people of color continue to suffer the consequences of unequal pay. This recognizes the continued inequities between sex, gender, and color in the United States and the state of Colorado.

Status: Passed in House (4/27/2012)


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